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IT Services
The IT services division of Script2IT offers a range of quality business software solutions and services to several large and medium customers across the globe.

With partnerships with global software giants and skills & expertise on wide variety software platforms including leading edge Internet and e-commerce technologies, Script2IT brings to its customers high quality software services and products.

Script2IT has offered cost effective solutions through its onsite responsibility and offshore development to various customers.

Our major service lines include:
  • Web Technology Services
  • Managed Application Services
  • Package Implementation Services
  • ERP Services
  • Enterprise Application Integration & Mainframe migration
  • Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management
  • Services to product companies

Script2IT services leverage offshore execution of projects with onsite project management to create virtual 24-hour workdays. This enables in compressing the design cycle time, completing projects on time and significant savings on project costs.

  •  ERP
    • SAP
    • PeopleSoft
    • Oracle
    • Siebel
  • CRM
    • SAP CRM
    • Siebel CRM
    • Oracle 
  • Web Applications
    • E-business
    • Solution Architecture
    • Solution Building
    • Upgrade and Migration Service
    • Maintenance and Support
  • Data Warehousing
  • Mainframe
  • QA Testing 

Offshore Outsourcing
Offshore outsourcing is emerging as a flexible and powerful approach that companies can use to achieve a wide range of tactical and strategic aims. Many organizations are outsourcing their software development, testing, support, technical design, application and data management, thereby enabling them to focus more on understanding customer needs, achieve better product positioning and enhance customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing requires an understanding of the concept of core competencies. Core competencies are the capabilities of an organization that truly distinguish it from its competitors. They are unique capabilities upon which the success of the company, both today and in the future depends. Core competencies are what give an organization its clear leadership position as seen by its customers. All remaining activities are non-core, and executives are now asking if their company is best in world at performing these activities. If not, they explore how outsourcing these activities might enable the company to deliver greater value to its customers at lower costs.

Script2IT Outsourcing Models

  • Total Offshore Model: In this case the total work is done offshore, away from the Clients Location. Within this model, a Dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) can be set up for the client, or a dedicated pool of people can work for the client on a project-to-project basis depending upon the requirement and the workload of the Client.
  • Offshore/Onshore Model: In this case part of the work is completed offshore whilst the remainder is completed onshore in our local offices. This is particularly effective when data is sensitive or requires proximity to a client’s location but the more routine and less sensitive tasks can still be completed offshore.
  • Offshore/Onsite Model: In this case, major portion of work is done offshore, however parts of work like training, implementation, etc are done onsite by the company providing offshore services. Also the work involved may require one of the consultants to be onsite through out the project. Various Scenarios can be recalled in this kind of an Offshore Model.
  • Offshore/Online Model: Script2IT Inc. delivers its outstanding services on-site without the added cost and time of travel etc. Instead, via an efficient broadband communications and latest thin client technologies, Script2IT is able to deliver data as if its team sits in the client's office. When the crunch is on, an added bonus to off-site support is having additional Script2IT staff available on an "as need" basis.
  • Total Onsite Model: In this case full time consultants are placed onsite at the client's location to perform the work.

Total Onshore Model: In this case all the work is done onshore at our local offices using local teams. In some cases, offshore teams can be brought onshore and work within our local offices.

Regardless of the outsourcing model chosen all project management is handled onshore by our local offices. There are many advantages with maintaining onshore responsibility but some of the key ones include: no time differences, no language or culture barriers, and improved relationships through easy access to key personnel and regular face-to-face meetings.